The last big hitout before Port Mac

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Decided to test some form at the club race last Sunday.

I woke at 5:15 to the sound of rain and almost decided to roll over and go back to sleep. It wasn’t hard to get going but as nearly always theres athat little devil inside that says why ?

Breakfast and a stonger than usual coffe and I’m on the bike riding to Altona for the race start. nice warm up.

Sign on and before you know it your on the start line. A few jelly fish around at the moment but all ok.

I wanted to race hard from the gun and found a couple of guys that I knew would be up there so followed them all the way around the swim course. I felt fast but saved heaps of energy by just sitting in behind other swimmers. They say that you can save up to twenty percent of your energy by swimming behind someone else. It felt like fourty percent !

out of the water and I was passed by about 4 people….I like to move into transition at a steady pace but others sprint out of the water. Anyway they were soon in my sights on the bike and not long after floundering way behind me. The bike section is obviously my strength and ripped by most of the field. The taper for the ironman has not started in earnest but I feel fresh already and about as strong as I have all year, even for a short distance like this.  I managed third fastest bike time for the day.  Next year I want to take the fastest bike leg at one of these races…

5km run to follow up and I moved nicely from the bike to run. Mental note to myself. Don’t forget were your bike is racked at port mac. .. Ran well within myself and knew that a couple of guys who would normally beat me were hot on my heals. Still I managed to hold them off and come in 6th overall. 3rd in age group. Very happy with that result. I have maintained steady improvement all year and glad to validate my forms coming up even without the final 2 weeks taper. From here its all easy sessions. about two thirds of what  would normally do and a couple of extra rest days.


Its tuesday now and can still feel the effects of the race in the legs. swan for an hour this morning with the early morning nutters who queue up out side the pool at 5:30am. I then rode to mordi and back with a solid tail end.

I had a fabulous massage this afternoon at a new place in seddon and the legs will feel brand new tomorrow.

Final preparations


day of rest

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Spent a great day at home with olivia. I took her to her ballet class that seems to be the centre of her universe at the moment. All hail Ms Amber who has the ability to control 12 x 3 year olds. Increadible to watch Olivia so enthusiaticly giggling away with her little ballet buddies.

Training going extraordinarily well. long bike and swim yesterday.

Also had a massage and booked in again for next week. The legs feel great for it.

I will do a long run the early hours of Thursday morning. Try and get 1.5 hours out. I have a ful on day at work so it will be good to clear the head and get some focus back to the target. Friday will be a strong morning ride and a good hour in the pool.

WSTC have a race on this weekend and I would really like to have a hit out. I should concentrate on endurance but it is tempting to get in a nice little confidence booster…? Will wait and see how we feel in the next couple of days?


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wimped out of a hard Friday morning ride with the rowers today.

Turned at blackrock to avoid the usual slug fest on the return trip. The hard stuff not required at this stage of training.

enjoyed the coffee just the same!

Followed up with a 12 Km run at lunch time. a little warm but glad I got out there and ticked it off. Good warm up for a longer run this weekend. I NEED a 2 hour run and to get in the sea this weekend.

Just seen the most beatiful TT bike !!

Mmmmm! very very nice.

Plan on getting more sleep next week. Only 3 weeks to go !!

Thursday ezy swim

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City baths pool ….too warm today.

Just 70 lengths then hurry back to the office for a meeting. Mission accomplished!

Ironman training long ride wednesdays

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Wednesday involved a 5 and a half hour ride up and down and up again beach road.

Had company thankfully. Dylan is racking up the kms so it was good to have him along to talk crap….who will win the giro,who will win the tour, is Armstrong on the gear, is he playing mind games by getting stomped durin gthe tour of california TT, etc….etc… easy to pass the time. I did the last hour on my own and the man with the hammer was not far behind me. 2 pwerbars and 3 gels got me home.

Hello world!

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Here it is my first posting to my new blog.

I will mainly be reporting on training for long distance triathlons and road bike racing.

Australian Ironman Triathlon is less than 4 weeks away so I will go into some detail on what is in store over the next few weeks.  Man it has been tough 6 months but thus far injury free and still enjoying ‘The Journey’.

Thanks for listening.